I was born on September 15, 1999 at San Lucas Hospital and raised in the town of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Since I was little I always had the enthusiasm to be a professional in my work environment. Once at school I began my adventure through a whole new world. The indecision about my profession led me to be depressed for a while. Already in high school I decided to be an architect, which I did not fulfill because I’m not so fond of mathematics and I have always thought that a good first-rate architect should have a lot of knowledge about mathematics.


In this same stage I began to feel passion for cars, this leads me to participate in automobile events in which I meet the person that leads me to be who I am today. Abez Media, is a young man who is passionate about cameras and videos, and it made me want to try this, which would later become my passion.


I fell in love with the filming and decided to ask for an Ipod5 and a lens for christmas to get started filming car events. From here I went to make a page in the networks and upload my own videos, page that with time continued to grow and led me to have over 8,000 thousand followers. From here I will make my equipment one more elaborate, and all this for fun yet. One day I was hired to make a video of an anniversary. Without any knowledge, I was thrown into the mission and I managed to see that besides a spell of time I could start to live from this for the rest of my life.

[Aniversary Official Video]


From here I started to set up my small video company with which I managed to make all kinds of videos such as: music videos, events, anniversaries, advertising, etc.

I decided to study digital cinema production as a main bachelor’s degree and as a secondary I chose advertising. I took the path of moving from my home at 18 to enter the University of the Sacred Heart where I did not know what would happen with my life. At this time I wasn’t getting opportunities to make videos. I thought that if I took off this to go to something safer and generate money when I retired I could buy the equipment and shoot the rest of my life. But, incredibly, today everything is going great and I have many projects. My biggest dream right now is to work for an advertising company to gain knowledge and dedicate myself to create my own business without ever in life less press the support that gave me the previous agencies to be who I managed to be in life.



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